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A1-L1 Not practical (11)
A3-E3 Dry stalks (5)
I3-M3 Entrance hall (5)
E4-I4 Movement accompanied by music (5)
A5-E5 Pet name for a doll (5)
I5-M5 Out of practice through corrosion (5)
B7-L7 Handsome (4,7)
A9-E9 Metallic sound in collision (5)
I9-M9 Creep (5)
E10-I10 Body of salt water (5)
A11-E11 Discipline (5)
I11-M11 Performed (5)
B13-L13 Encouraging sales (11)
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C1-C5 Ethical (5)
E1-E5 Noisy (5)
G1-G13 Substituting the heart (6,2,5)
I1-I5 Imply (5)
K1-K5 Very deep place (5)
A2-A6 Apart (5)
M2-M6 Someone asks earnestly God (5)
D5-D9 Wild cats (5)
J5-J9 Conjunction (5)
A8-A12 Hurry off (5)
M8-M12 Slips (5)
C9-C13 Joined (5)
E9-E13 Stallion (5)
I9-I13 Drawbacks (5)
K9-K13 Consumed (5)

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